[Datasciencecentral] BigDataFr recommends: Finding Career Opportunities in AI

BigDataFr recommends: Finding Career Opportunities in AI

[…] If you’re a data scientist thinking about expanding your career options into AI you’ve got a forest and trees problem. There’s a lot going on in deep learning and reinforcement learning but do these areas hold the best future job prospects or do we need to be looking a little further forward?

To try to answer that question we’ll have to get out of the weeds of current development and get a higher level perspective about where this is all headed.

Understanding the Future from the Past

The roots of AI are actually in the behavioral sciences migrating eventually into biology and neurology. Since the earliest imaginings of what AI might be like those thoughts have focused on machines that could behave and make decisions like humans. […]

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By William Vorhies
Source: datasciencecentral.com

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