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Call For Paper - EIFCall for Projects EIF 2021 – #DIGITAL FINANCE – #AI MACHINE LEARNING – #FINTECH – #RISKS….
In partnership with the Louis Bachelier LABEX.

✔️15 research projects – €10,000
Deadline for submitting applications for this call for projects: 15 october 2021
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Elyès JOUINI Scientific Director Institut Europlace de Finance

Institut Europlace de Finance

✔️A foundation of recognized public utility since 2005, the Institut Europlace de Finance aims to implement and accelerate the synergies between research/training in the field of economics and finance and professionals in the financial market.

The founders of the Institute have pledged to provide the resources for this initiative in the long term.

As in previous years, the Foundation is launching a call for research projects in 2021. This call is addressed to the entire academic community concerned without any restriction in terms of academic disciplines.In partnership with the Louis Bachelier LABEX, the Foundation will be funding 15 research projects, each of which will receive financing of €10,000

The projects funded will focus on themes considered to be of major interest in the current context. These themes are grouped into six axes.

All projects must have at least one researcher affiliated to a French academic institution. Projects involving several teams, especially those with a clear European dimension, will be examined with particular interest.

In submitting an application, project leaders commit themselves, if their project is selected, to developing it (through meetings and discussions between the teams) with one or more actors from the Paris financial market. Where appropriate, responses to the call for projects may refer to links that already exist and can be strengthened in the context of the project.

Deadline for submitting applications: 15 october 2021
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Research Thematics

► ESG, SRI AND GREEN FINANCE– Transition/adaptation funding
– Smart Cities, global warming, resilience
– ESG, impact finance: virtue, displacement or greenwashing?
– Extra-financial performance and induced costs; hampering growth of small companies and widening gaps?
– Reorientation of investments and economic efficiency
– Green Swans and extreme climate risk, climate-aware asset allocation
– Agricultural disasters: how to link public/private compensation schemes in response to the increasing number of claim


– Equity, explicability vs. black box
– Human-machine collaboration
– Added value of alternative data, natural language processing and financial forecasting
– Methodological issues (data quality, data enrichment, scenario generation, bias, error detection, etc.)
– Cybersecurity, technical and behavioural aspects (behaviours of hackers and of those hacked, choice of targets, reactions and overall impact)
– Fintech, financial inclusion, inequality

– Geopolitical game changers: impact of trade wars, embargoes, restructuring of value chains
– Blockchain, alternative currencies and sovereign power
– Competition between financial centres and attraction of issuers
– Taxation harmonisation and tax havens
– Ex-post evaluation of macroeconomic policies following an exogenous shock (Covid)
– Identifying bad debt, zombie firms vs. bankruptcies
– Post-Covid sovereign debt, debt holders’ new roles


– Savings, pensions, the long-term
– Systemic risks and countercyclical assets
– Changes in behaviour and adaptation of insurance pricing (e.g. adaptation of lapse functions)
– Adaptation of risk control to new market practices (Archegos, mass attacks on financial securities, etc.)
– Interaction between stocks, bonds, real estate and inflation

– Perspectives and attractiveness of financial careers, new professions
– Actuarial science, data science, quants, new technologies: training and needs for tomorrow’s finance
– Future of work, education, mobility
Deadline for submitting applications: 15 october 2021
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