[arXiv] BigDataFr recommends: Security and Privacy Issues of Big Data

BigDataFr recommande: Security and Privacy Issues of Big Data

[…]This chapter revises the most important aspects in how computing infrastructures should be configured and intelligently managed to fulfill the most notably security aspects required by Big Data applications. One of them is privacy. It is a pertinent aspect to be addressed because users share more and more personal data and content through their devices and computers to social networks and public clouds. So, a secure framework to social networks is a very hot topic research.

This last topic is addressed in one of the two sections of the current chapter with case studies. In addition, the traditional mechanisms to support security such as firewalls and demilitarized zones are not suitable to be applied in computing systems to support Big Data.  […]

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By Jose Moura, Carlos Serrao
Source: arxiv.org

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